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Traditional Fabrications Ltd
Specialists in Commercial Gates, Railings and, Fencing. Caring equally about Security, Appearance, and Cost.

Hello and welcome to the Traditional Fabrications company profile. On this section we would really like to get across to potential clients what type of company they will be communicating with.


Traditional Fabrications was set up by three individuals, Mark Robinson, Faisal Agha'Khan and Duncan Price. They are all very inspired, hard working, conscientous and honest team members striving to give customers the highest quality possible using modern and traditional fabrication methods.


Each of the team have their own skill set as follows :-


Mark Robinson is the production manager and has over 25 years experience in the fabrication industry. He was formerly a very successful floor manager of two other fabrication businesses. Mark is highly skilled in not just running the production team at Traditional Fabrications but offers a great background in design, manufacture, and installation. He also assists Faisal in finding the best solution for the clients request.


Faisal Agha'Khan is the new business manager and will visit clients to discuss new projects. He offers expert advice to help the client to gain the best solution for the budget without compromisation on the finished items we provide. Faisal has been in the customer service sector for over 20 years and has been given many awards from his previous employer for the excellence that he has shown in the customer service sector.


Duncan Price is the accounts manager and deals with all the company finances to make sure the company has all the essentials needed to make sure that Traditional Fabrications carries on as one of the leading fabrication companies in the UK. Duncan has 10 years experience in business management and offers great skills in organisation and planning of projects and company finances.


Traditional Fabrications is based in the Bilston area of  Wolverhampton and offers a 3000 sq ft unit that offers a mix of modern and traditional technology to make sure we can assist in projects that need to offer that traditional feel, right up to new modern builds that require more precise machinery.


At Traditional Fabrications customer service is one of the highest elements on the list, we firstly help you through with your ideas making sure we use our experience to guide you through to get the best job possible and we are far from, yes men, so if we think the project ideas aren't suitable we will offer alternative suggestions, so you as the client always end up with a solution that far exceeds your expectations.


If you wish to speak to us about any ideas or just need some friendly advice why not call us on 01902 495134 and we would be glad to assist you with your fabrication needs.

Need Something Different?
At Traditional Fabrications we can design, build and install any bespoke application you may require.